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Introduction to Web site Hosting

Web hosting is the service you‘ll have to deal with if you are planning to launch your web site. Sense of web hosting services is in placing your web pages on the web. Web site hosting providers rent you a virtual space along with the other options needed for site support.

Basic types of web hosting services you can choose for placing you pages are: shared hosting, virtual private server hosting, dedicated hosting.

Shared web hosting is the low-cost hosting method when resources of entire server are divided between certain number of websites. This number as a rule is up to several hundreds. You can choose one of the shared hosting plans and depending on your web hosting plan you’ll obtain certain storage space and bandwidth transfer.

Virtual private servers hosting means that several web sites are run from the same server. Vps web hosting services differ from shared ones, because in case of vps clients function independently of one another. Server is divided in several smaller parts (virtual private servers) and each of them acts as an independent one.

Using dedicated hosting means that the entire server resources are dedicated to your site. Dedicated hosting offers you the same possibilities as if you had your own server but for less costs. Unlimited features are usually offered for dedicated hosting customers.

There are a lot of other web hosting services providers offer, like: Windows hosting and UNIX web hosting, reseller hosting, jsp hosting, ecommerce and business hosting

Windows web hosting is the best hosting option in case if you work with a lot of Windows compatible applications and documents, for example, if you use ASP for web pages or MSSQL. Most of Windows hosting services today function basing on Windows Server 2003.

UNIX hosting is much more popular than Windows hosting. There is no less expensive and more flexible operating system than UNIX for web hosting. UNIX is characterized as a multi-user and multitasking “open” operating system with a top-notch portability.

JSP hosting is especially created for Java web pages support on the web. JSP hosting is indispensable for placing dynamic web pages created with the help JSP(Java Server Pages) technology which is server and platform independent one.

Reseller hosting is simply one of the web businesses. Reseller hosting service permits you to become a web hosting provider reselling your own provider’s resources. Resellers of hosting act absolutely independently and customers won’t ever guess they are reseller hosting services.

Business hostingis a great solution for boosting your sales and improving your business image. Your site can strongly affiliate to your popularity and image building. Web site hosting providers offer a lot of plans designed especially for business hosting clients.

Ecommerce web hosting is a specific solution for running your business online. Your site thus become your storefront. Ecommerce web site hosting offers several specific features like merchant accounts and shopping carts software for safe and effective business building.

Depending on your web hosting requirements you can choose one of these options that will completely meet your criteria